Charlotte Ficek - A Diner Series at Boxcar Social

I had the privilege in November to document my friend's art show at Boxcar Social, a trendy coffee / liqueur place midtown, Toronto.

Last Import - 252.jpg

Boxcar Social - menu

Charlotte Ficek drew her inspriation from some experiences she had at diners all over the city and came up with her art collection.

artist  card

Charlotte - artist

From grumpy pizzas, to unhappy tacos, to gruelling banana splits, Charlotte really demonstrated a complete diner experience in all her art.

grumpy pizza

unhappy taco

grueling banana split

sour pop tart

It was enough to make anyone's mouth water.

canvas collection

sweet low




You can see from each artistic iteration of Charlotte's imagination, a bit of her lovely personality coming out on the canvas in a whirlwind of colour.



pie in the sky

burgers and buns

Thank you to Boxcar Social for hosting this event, you were the perfect venue for Charlotte's art.

Boxcar Social


- Jenn

*PS: you can order her illustrations on t-shirts and cell phone cases. Hit the link here to go to her personal site!