Let's Talk Social Media: #FNLROM

How are companies today using social media as free advertising? And what is the most effective way of engaging with your audience? 

In November, 2014, my friends and I went to the ROM on a Friday night to experience Friday Night at the Rom (#FNLROM). We were greeted with a DJ, dance floor, food from different cultures, bars in every nook and cranny in the museum waiting to dispense wine and mixed cocktails, and all the discoveries and facts the ROM has to offer.


Ice Age - Moose

It was a brilliant way to get together and enjoy a combination of interactive learning with a fun night out.

Hercule's bust - GREEKS

Mosaic Wall

This past week, I attended their themed night: Carnival. It was awe inspiring! Everywhere we went we heard live music, we saw a fashion show, and enjoyed watching the models dance on stage to Soca music. 

Carnival models

Carnival models dancing to Soca

I think what made the night even better is the massive screen they have in the main area that showcases Instagram photos of people at the ROM that night - live feed! It made me want to take photos and be a part of the live action. 

I even got a nice comment from the ROM for the photo below.

Caesar versus Pompei


I find this combination of social media and interactive experience seamless. I never felt like I was a part of a giant advertising scheme because it was fun. It took the action of photo taking, something that exists already with the advent of smartphones, and made it special. Everyone likes to feel important and noticed and in this way, the campaign at the ROM was truly effective.

Besides, who doesn't like dinosaurs and wine and cupcakes?

- Jenn