An Age of Web Series


A year ago, I discovered The Lizzie Bennet Diaries. After several intense weeks of constant youtube watching, the show was suddenly over and I wanted more. I researched and came across the real production company behind this web series: Pemberly Digital. Okay so maybe I was attracted initially to the Pride and Prejudice reference, but upon further inquiry, I realized that this was a special production house that modernized nineteenth century literary classics into modern and accessible stories. 

I have since followed the company through its iterations of Emma Approved (Emma, Jane Austen) and Frankenstein MD (Frankenstein, Mary Shelly).

Yesterday I saw a new series and I could not contain my pleasure...

STORY B - Preface / explanation of Story A ending

Also a year ago, in a quaint pub downtown Toronto, guest blogger Andrea and myself met two wonderful people: Sarah Shelson and Wil Noack.

At the time, they had just received word from an independent funding source that their web series called March Family Letters won. They could not contain their smiles all night and the mood was perfectly contagious. 

They patiently answered all my questions in regards to how they went about finding funding to the production process itself.

I saw their pilot and enjoyed the modern adaptation of The Little Women.

STORY C - how A and B come together in harmony

What to my wonderful eyes should I see last night, but The March Family Letters  listed as a production at Pemberly Digital. Congratulations to the entire team involved with The March Family Letters, but mostly to Wil and Sarah. Your passion and drive and hard work have paid off enormously.

I can't wait to sink my teeth into all the episodes this weekend and get caught up with a wonderful adaptation of Louisa May Alcott's timeless novel. 

- Jenn